The truth is out there …

I first posted this video in early 2015 and find it disturbing that it seems even more relevant today. I won’t point fingers, but you know who I’m thinking about. Or maybe you don’t.

On the other hand, maybe the shortcoming is mine. That possibility was discussed at some length with the first post. Cleese is supposed to be funny, but there’s so much truth in what he says that I’m no longer amused — if I ever was. I’ve often said I can’t stand stupidity, but that’s lazy and not accurate. I should say I can’t stand ignorance. Particularly willful ignorance. Education can cure ignorance. Nothing can cure stupidity.

We are in desperate need of more education.

7 thoughts on “The truth is out there …

  1. I, too, think there is a lot of willful ignorance out there with people selling out their once espoused values and integrity for very questionable reasons. That, to me, is even more scary than genuine ignorance.

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