The dove on Longs Peak

© Erik Stensland

In this screenshot from Erik Stensland’s website, one can see quite clearly the perennial snowfield on Longs Peak known as The Dove. It rests on the peak’s north flank and is often obscured by additional snow or unfavorable viewing angles.

Longs Peak (elev 14,259 ft) is the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo. Stensland is a preeminent photographer based in Estes Park, gateway to RMNP. His work is often featured on Pied Type, but this particular shot is used primarily as a footer on his website. If you love great photography (or RMNP), you owe yourself a visit to Images of RMNP. It will be time well spent.

2 thoughts on “The dove on Longs Peak

  1. And now there is enough new snow up there to make the dove imitate a ptarmigan till Spring! Did you pay much attention to it during your climb? Since i only made it to the Boulderfield, took more time looking around, but that is one huge snowfield.

    1. I don’t recall even knowing about it when I climbed. And then after I finally read about it, I wasn’t sure where it was. Pretty obvious from this picture. Thank goodness there’s some snow up there. It was 73 here today in Denver and I had the windows open!

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