What Meat Loaf wouldn’t do for love

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      1. I saw an interview where he explained every song had a character and was like its own little play. I crossed paths with him twice in my life. once, as a cocktail waitress when he came in to put his hands in our cement blocks outside, the second time, not much later, when he was running down a beach in Florida, not kidding

      2. It just was a weirdest of circumstances- first case i was working at a music cafe/bar and many musicians who were playing in town would stop in to put their hands in cement, a couple of months later I ran into him as he was running down a beach in Florida when I was walking down a beach. He was hard to miss as he was wearing a Speedo)

  1. I’ve been a Meat Loaf fan since around 1979. It about broke my heart when I heard the news. It was at about 1:45 am Friday morning – I was up working very late (I build websites from home). Saw a notification come in from WaPo that he had passed. Started playing his music then, and didn’t stop until yesterday afternoon.

  2. He had a great voice. I got his first album on tape and my sons wore it out and I had to get aonother. Finally replaced it with a CD.

    1. Isn’t it fun when you and your kids love the same music? You can play it as loud and as long as you want and everybody loves it. (Speaking from experience!)

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