The death of innocents

6 thoughts on “The death of innocents”

    1. I don’t want to minimize what a tough, often dangerous job the police have. But their zealousness should very rarely cost innocent lives. They’ll call off a high-speed pursuit to protect civilians, but then do something like this. It’s no wonder people have become increasingly distrustful of “the law.”

    1. No, it doesn’t. And it seems to have turned into an arms race. The more prevalent guns become, the more people (both civilians and police) feel they need one to protect themselves. The escalation has been apparent for a number of years and is, to say the least, alarming. Too often, I think, police resort to guns when lesser measures will suffice. You don’t shoot someone just to keep from getting a bloody nose, or because he’s not following your orders fast enough, or because he’s thirty feet away and possibly holding a knife. And you don’t shoot someone when you’ve broken into their home unannounced and they’re just trying to defend themselves and possibly their family.

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