Best webcams from Rocky Mtn NP to Pikes Peak

(Updated May 29, 2023)

These are the best Colorado webcams from Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, south along the Peak-to-Peak Highway to Nederland, then to Boulder, Denver, and Pikes Peak — the highlights of Colorado’s Front Range. They are a great way to preview the scenery, weather, traffic, or foliage if you’re planning a trip … or if you just want to revisit the places you love without leaving home.

Some of these cameras are live streaming and the others update at various intervals. (The Louisville/Flatirons cam has recently changed to a panning and zooming mode.)

If you know of a great webcam in this area that should be included, please let us know . Thanks!

Banner image above: From the summit of Pikes Peak.Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky. The landscape one longed for when one was away, the thing all about one, the world one actually lived in, was the sky, the sky!” — Willa Cather

Cameras on this page:

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Continental Divide seen from Glacier Basin.

Webcams in Estes Park

Windcliff Tranquil, live streaming with sound, looking west to Hallett Peak.
Lovely live streaming camera looking east down the Fall River from Castle Mountain Lodge
Looking south from private weather station north of Lake Estes.
Live streaming McGregor Mountain Lodge webcam looks west toward Sundance Mountain and the Continental Divide. In this view, Fall River Road passes on the left, behind the trees.

From Estes Park to Ward

(for more views and travel information along the Peak-to-Peak Highway and statewide, see CDOT’s newly redesigned website) 

Niwot Ridge, Nederland, and Boulder

Gold in Nederland, CO
Nederland, Colo. (elev. 8,236 ft). From Busey Brews Smokehouse & Brewery (camera live streams, rotates, and has sound).
Sunset behind the Flatirons, Boulder, Colo. (Live streaming, panning; scroll down for still shots)*
Louisville and the Boulder Flatirons (scroll down for timelapse).* This camera now zooms and pans, but the lighting in this particular shot made it worth saving.*
Superior, Boulder Valley (scroll down for timelapse)*

From Denver to Colorado Springs & Pikes Peak

Denver, seen from Cheesman Park.
Visitors arrive at Pikes Peak summit via the cog railway. Nine cameras here.
One of several live streaming webcams in Colorado Springs. Here, downtown with Pikes Peak on the horizon.

Many webcams have come and gone over the years. Defunct cameras have been moved to another page.

YouTube suggestions

Estes Park
Indian Peaks Wilderness (south of Rocky Mountain National Park)
James Peak Wilderness (south of Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Niwot Ridge Research Station
Old Fall River Road
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park hikes
Trail Ridge Road

Road conditions

National Park Service (includes local roads inside park: call 970-586-1222 for recorded message)
Colorado Department of Transportation (best for current highway conditions)

If you are approaching Estes Park from the south on Hwy 7 and are headed to the park, you can take Marys Lake Road (map) to avoid the congestion in downtown Estes.

Weather conditions

Rocky Mountain National Park weather
Estes Park Weather private weather station

RMNP mileages, elevations, and alerts

Rocky Mountain National Park Mileages and Elevations

* – Used with permission
** – Used with permission

53 thoughts on “Best webcams from Rocky Mtn NP to Pikes Peak

  1. Great news! Have really been missing my daily visit with the Alpine VCtr cam– forgot about CDOT views, and thanks for researching these new options!

    1. Trying to make this page a one-stop shopping list for everyone. Afraid I might be overdoing it, but I’m sort of committed now.

      One of the ranges on the western slope got snow on all its peaks last week. Trying not to get too excited. After all, it’s still August.

  2. Would love to see “LIVE” video streaming of the Aerial Tram in Estes Park instead of a still picture that refreshes ever 5 seconds. It says sound on that one too and there is not sound.

    1. Glad you like it. But I warn you, webcams can be addictive! Not a day goes by that I don’t check one or more of these webcams to see what’s going on elsewhere, usually in the mountains. And they’re always changing, depending on the weather or time of day.

  3. Just so you know, I bookmarked this post.

    As a kid I loved Red Rocks. I often visit the cam so I can see a land I love. I still have family, Estes Park actually, in CO. My Conifer and Evergreen peeps moved to warmer year round pastures. Thanks for the bookmarks!

    Oh, as a thanks…here ya go, my ‘new’ home town’s cams. First is our surf cam. I sea kayak, surf by Boogie Board, Beach, and sail..all things that are challenging on the high plains and front range. Trust me, I tried. As a kid I used to jump off the cliffs into the chutes of the South Platte. The equivalent here is illegally jumping off the piers when the surf is up.

    And this is our NOAA cam. We cannot live without NOAA and the Coast Guard. Maybe you can catch a Freighter in one.

    It’s beautiful and very different from my beloved front range…but I don’t get altitude sickness here.

    1. I’m delighted I could provide you with some “visits” back to Colorado. Your Muskegon views remind me of my years in Oswego, NY, on Lake Ontario. Quite the experience for me, with surf, ocean-going ships, water I couldn’t see across (I’m from Oklahoma originally), lake effect snow in the winter, etc. Yes, definitely very different from the Front Range.

      (BTW, love your screen name.)

        1. I see now that dunelight is your blog name. (I’ve been browsing over there.) It really is all about the light, isn’t it?

          Fortunately the snow here is only occasional and doesn’t stick around for long. Upper NY it was deep and stayed deep all winter. At least that’s how I remember it.

        2. Yep, that’s exactly what happened. Some people were even in shorts. But shoveling this last snow was really hard work. Keeping warm was easy once the wind stopped.

    1. It is gorgeous, isn’t it!? Bear in mind our time difference — you won’t see much when it’s dark here. Also, most of the cameras face west, so earlier in the day is better.