Super Bowl time in Colorado

Ten minutes before the Super Bowl kickoff, this was the scene at Eldora ski area near Nederland, Colorado. One last skier is leaving the mountain and the chairlift has stopped running. It’s a Sunday, a spectacular bluebird day in Colorado, but apparently everybody wants to be home for the game, including the lift operators.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl time in Colorado

    1. Just realized if you’re on a phone, you can’t see the skier on the left. Guess I’d better put the smaller pic back in. Yeah, it takes a lot of something to empty the slopes on a day like today.

  1. Is this a nutty country or what? The average ticket price to attend the Super Bowl was over $6,000 ! That includes sitting shoulder to shoulder with screaming strangers during a pandemic and standing in line for overpriced and unhealthy food. We watched it in the comfort of home with the ability to pause the game and view crystal-clear re-plays, not to mention amusing commercials. Go figure.

    1. I had the Super Bowl on but was paying more attention to my computer. I had zero interest in the half-time show (don’t like hip hop or rap) so used the time to fix dinner. I do appreciate the slo-mo replays of things I’d otherwise miss, and yes, the commercials are usually entertaining, as they have been during the Olympics. Glad they slid in a Budweiser Clydesdale at the very end.

  2. Ditto on the half paying attention here, too
    That empty ski slope is a really rare sight!
    For a long time it seems like I was always in an airport/on a plane during Super Bowl for business – actually those flights were quite fun and a good deal of camaraderie…of course that was long before COVID and masks…back when life was fun and people smiled and laughted – even with strangers on planes

    1. Somehow I’ve overlooked this comment until now. Sorry about that.
      Yes, I vaguely remember when flights were fun. I think. Life was fun? People smile and laughed? You sure about that?

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