Well, that didn’t last very long

Sorry, folks. Yesterday’s theme, Twenty Twenty-One, was just a flash in the pan after all and here I am back with Resonar. The light/dark thing was pretty cool, but there were some things I didn’t like.

For one, I hadn’t noticed before I changed that the date came at the end of the post, not at the beginning. I’ve wasted my time more than once reading something that was out of date and irrelevant, but not realizing it until I got to a date at the end. Dates near the top of a post make certain that won’t happen to me or anyone else.

For another, the post headlines were larger than I liked, but the CSS code to change that was unfamiliar, as was a lot of the other code. Playing with the theme’s default elements was one thing; not knowing how to alter them behind the scenes was more than I’d counted on. (Mama’s not happy if she can’t tinker with the code.)

The biggest worry I have with Resonar is whether readers realize that the ellipses in the top right corner lead to the search bar and other widgets. I’m used to seeing the 3-bar “hamburger” symbol used for that, but I read that the ellipses are increasingly the preferred symbol.

Anyway, sorry for the hiccup. At least it gave me something to write about for a couple of days.

10 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t last very long

  1. I so understand. I would not post at WordPress.com if I couldn’t use store bought templates. It costly to do so, and maybe just all ego, but part of the fun for me is working a theme, and trying to make it mine.

    1. Exactly! That’s the fun for me too. It’s like an art or design project. Creating a website from scratch exceeded my capabilities many years ago, but I still like to play with it.

    1. Oh, please don’t let my experience concern you. I’m a very picky old-school editor who likes to have everything her own way and is always wanting to “fix” things. WordPress has yet to design a theme that I’m totally satisfied with.

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