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Define your terms

I couldn’t tell you why, out of the blue, I decided to look up the definitions of fascism, communism, and socialism. But at some point in my precaffeinated state this morning I decided it was a good idea. Those terms are tossed about so often, even by yours truly, and yet if pressed I could not accurately “compare and contrast” them as a teacher might have demanded.

The very first thing I encountered was this handy dandy chart, which I thought might also be useful to others. At the very least I decided to stick it here where I could easily find it again.

A lengthy, enlightening discussion precedes the chart, but the chart sums up the key points in a useful graphic.

I’m not sure why I jumped down this rabbit hole in the first place, other than the same passing curiosity that prompts me to look up something — anything — simply because the answer is at my fingertips. And to think there was a time when an aging volume of the World Book Encyclopedia (weighty, hardcover, with real paper pages!) was my only resource.

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