Stunning tornado footage from Andover, KS

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    1. Yes, a drone. See first paragraph. That’s precisely why the camera is so steady and the image so sharp. I doubt any plane or chopper could have captured something like this. Certainly it’s unlike any footage I’ve seen before. However, I did find one related story about CU developing drones for precisely this purpose. Not your average backyard drone:

      One story said Timmer is based in Golden, CO, so he might be using a drone like this.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been wondering what the drone is like because it is so steady in those winds. Amazing! What really shocked me was at about the 3:30 mark – the altitude the debris went to. The distance it was taken. I’ve been in a couple tornadoes – thankfully our homes have always been left standing. But they are scary. Sounds like a freight train is roaring overhead (yes, we were in the basement).

      2. I too was amazed to see how high and wide that skinny little funnel spread the debris. But I mean no disrespect to that funnel!! No way! I’ve never been closer than maybe a mile from a dissipating funnel, once, and saw a supercell, once, that spawned a funnel shortly thereafter that I could not see. I’ve taken cover a few times in interior closets (no basements or storm cellars) but always for naught. I have the utmost respect for tornadoes.

    1. Certainly I saw whole roofs being lifted into the “blender” and spewing out the top and back side. I’ll watch the debris more closely the next time … and there will be a next time. I see something different every time I watch this.

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