Ah, spring in Colorado

8 thoughts on “Ah, spring in Colorado”

    1. I dunno. I’ve been snowed on in July up on Trail Ridge Road. Summer months could mean thunderstorms, hail, lightning, tornadoes. You pays your money and you takes your chances around here.

    1. Looking out my windows I’d have to say we didn’t get nearly as much snow as was predicted. But it was wet most of the day yesterday and there’s an inch or two melting off this morning. Every little bit helps.

  1. Glad you were able to get some moisture though the extreme sudden weather changes do seem unsettling sometimes. We actually got a few sprinkles the other morning but doesn’t make much difference in the scheme of our SoCal drought. Still, as you se, every little bit helps.

    1. Like you, we need weeks of rainy weather to get back to normal, and that just doesn’t happen in Colorado. But I’m grateful for whatever we get.

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