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Stunning tornado footage from Andover, KS

EXTREME tornado footage captured by drone over Andover, KS last night! Erratic vortex behavior

This is, hands down, the most incredible tornado footage I’ve ever seen. And having lived most of my life in Oklahoma City, I’ve seen a lot of tornado footage. This was captured with a Dominator drone over Andover, KS, Friday night just after 5 pm, and posted yesterday by noted stormchaser Reed Timmer.

The video shows the tornado from a number of angles and distances, so watch it all or you’ll likely miss something notable. If you’ve already seen this, you’re forgiven for not watching. But if your local news outlets are like mine, you only saw a brief part of the 9+ minutes here.

Timmer noted on Twitter that this tornado was tentatively rated EF3 and that, remarkably, no lives were lost.

His bio on Twitter:

I think it safe to say this jaw-dropping footage has secured Timmer’s place in stormchaser history.

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