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  1. I noticed Romney and some other surprises, for example Cruz and Barasso, but maybe the NRA’s largesse varies with the state the recipient is representing. In Texas and Wyoming, less of a contest for a Republican gun-toter and in Utah where Democrats have won seats at times.
    I was pleased to see that neither of my Virginia Senators is on the list but I have to wonder what that really means.

    1. I’ve no doubt the NRA pays more to those whose vote needs more “persuading,” but not being familiar with Romney’s situation, I don’t know why he got so much. If he’s as highly principled as he’d have us believe, one would expect he’d take no money for voting his conscience.

      Currently both Colorado senators are Dems. But it’s a purple state, so who knows what the future will bring.

  2. Omigosh, where is my brain? I realized belatedly that the list is of course only the Republicans,
    Our Virginia Senators are both Dems. I wonder if it’s ONLY Republicans who get a little cash from the NRA. Not huge amounts, surely.

    1. I suppose if the NRA thought it could sway a vote, they might try. It occurred to me that if either of our senators comes up against a pro-gun Republican, the NRA might jump in with both feet to support that Republican’s election bid.

    1. I’ve been wondering if some of these people might just kinda sorta go along to get some NRA money. Maybe talk the talk but not always walk the walk when it’s time to vote.

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