Elk relax on Niwot Ridge

Several evenings this week I’ve spotted a good-sized herd of elk on the Niwot Ridge TundraCam. So far I’ve seen them between 7:30 and 9:30 (?) MDT. I’m guessing they are there somewhat earlier; I just need to remember to look.

The camera is controllable if you are interested in viewing them. Note the positions of the dots on the sides and top of this view. The left side controls up and down. The right side is the zoom. And the top is right/left. Be warned: the camera responds very slowly, taking maybe 10-15 seconds to react (at least it seems that long). Frustrating when you only get a 20-second allotment, but if no one else jumps in, you can keep at it. Move the dots in very small increments until you get used to the controls.

When you click on “control” in the lower right corner, you may find someone else is ahead of you, perhaps even administrators at the university. Be patient. The admins can lock you out if they want, but after all, it is their research station.

The beauty of this scene is the tranquility. No tourists at 11,000 feet.

2 thoughts on “Elk relax on Niwot Ridge

    1. You never know what you’ll see with this camera. Just yesterday I spotted what looked like the remains of an old mining operation. Despite all the hours I’ve spent with this webcam, I’d never noticed it before.

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