Music hath charms

On July 4 in the town of Estes Park, Colo., Brad Fitch was playing and singing for a small group of people when his show was interrupted. A cow elk, apparently curious about the music and undeterred by the presence of humans, strolled in to get a closer look. Fitch kept singing while keeping an eye on the elk, and after a few moments she continued on her way.

“Mr. Estes Park” shot video of the incident not found on YouTube but viewable on the KKTV website.

(Thanks to 1bl0gr3ad3r for providing the heads up and the link.)

5 thoughts on “Music hath charms

  1. I like how he tipped his hat.

    So, is everyone that lives there just used to the elk? I’ve been there about 20 years ago and it was full of elk then, too.

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