Feeling miniscule

19 thoughts on “Feeling miniscule”

      1. I think it’s mathematically impossible. It may not be life as we know it, but we can’t possibly be the only living things in all that space.

  1. Fantastic, isn’t it! If only we could eliminate all this human chaos on earth, then devote our thoughts, time and energies on exciting forward moving actions. Just think how wonderful that would be.

    1. I’ve little doubt that someday we humans will be doing the Star Trek thing. We are curious creatures; we want to see what’s out there. I don’t expect it will happen in my lifetime, but like mountains, we will go there simply because it’s there.

    1. Curvatures in space and time. Difficult concepts for me. I don’t doubt smarter people understand it all. They are the ones who will take us “out there” someday. Me, I’m still trying to comprehend “infinity.”

  2. To me, even beyond the amazingly distant (and obviously) spiral galaxies, are the tiny dots. I see those dots as evidence that we aren’t even anywhere close to the initial event horizon.

    1. I agree. Those faintest little spots demand more and better and longer range telescopes. This is a giant step forward, but obviously there’s so much more even farther out there. We’ve only just begun. And just look at it!!!

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