Way to go, Kansas!

Yesterday Kansas voters said it loud and clear: Women are people, too, and their right to abortion shall not be infringed!

By a decisive margin yesterday, Kansas voters rejected a measure that would have changed their state’s constitution to say it does not guarantee the right to abortion. Late last night the vote count was approximately 59-41 percent.

Kansas is considered a red state and Republicans have dominated there since statehood in 1861.

This was the first popular vote since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, and hopefully it signals how the nation will vote in November.

Way to go, Kansas!

12 thoughts on “Way to go, Kansas!

  1. Frankly, your Supreme Court has shown itself to be an illegal body: only Repubicans could possibly imagine it OK to wipe out a judgement previously handed down.

    1. I would like to think it bodes well for November … but I’m afraid you’re right. Too many eligible people just don’t bother to vote. And the bad guys have always counted on that.

    1. Well I’m no expert but I think Democratic candidates should put this issue front and center. Not only is it important but it obviously gets the voters to the polls. It’s also a good referendum on how one feels about the Supreme Court these days

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