Beast at Red Rocks

Slavic, aka Beast, as he appears in the CBS video.

Slavic, who calls himself Beast, runs the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheatre — backwards. And I’ve mentioned him before. But running backwards is not all he does.

Our local CBS affiliate just did a story about him and his friend Mays and their workouts at Red Rocks. It’s posted on the Channel 4 website. The story and pictures appear below the video if you scroll down. Sorry, but to date I haven’t learned how to embed an iframe video. Likely someone will post it on YouTube and I can grab it then. Of course by then you’ll have seen it, but c’est la vie.

Sure enough, here it is on YouTube:

It seems Slavic is an ultra runner and does his Red Rocks routine several times a week “for strength.” He freely admits he enjoys all the attention he gets and he is obviously in great shape. So I guess it’s working for him.

I did find a different video on YouTube, if you want something brief:

There’s a live streaming webcam at Red Rocks where you might even get to watch Beast in action, as I did one day.

Note, April 21, 2023: The camera has been offline for several months and I finally learned it’s because of some construction/remodeling at Red Rocks. The camera is supposed to be up and running again sometime this summer.

6 thoughts on “Beast at Red Rocks

    1. Hmm, interesting question. I’d guess something requiring a lot of strength and stamina. Maybe construction or trail maintenance with the forest service. Plenty of tough outdoor jobs in this state. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be funny if he’s an accountant.

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