With gratitude

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    1. True. It’s shameful that he had to endure the suspicion, hate, and threats directed at him. I don’t blame him in the least for stepping away.

  1. Unfortunately Dr. Fauci became a target for the insecure morons who believe that bringing down someone whose popularity could eclipse their own will elevate their own popularity.  Core issues are always sublimated to personal popularity.  Like Trump whined when one of his hand-picked candidates was defeated, “But you still love me don’t you?”  Dr. Fauci embraced the science as it existed in the moment, and will always be remembered by me who did the best that anyone could do.

    1. Yep, covid was something entirely new. The experts had to deal with it day by day as we continued to learn more about it. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, and all the other health agencies and medical personnel were criticized mercilessly while they were doing the best they knew how with constantly changing information. I commend them all for the work they did and for continuing to work despite all the resentment, hate, and threats they endured.

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