4 thoughts on “Opportunism”

  1. The price of education going up? Maybe that’s what they mean by “higher education”, ya think?

    And, the weird thing is, even as the cost goes up, the value of the product goes down. The stats say that over 30% of those that start college drop out and that 38% of those who do graduate aren’t using their degree in their current profession. What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. There’s a lot wrong with this picture. Especially when compared to when you and I went to school. That 30% dropout rate may well be due to ever increasing tuition (I still think there should be a contract guaranteeing freshmen there will be no increases for four years.) Not to mention poor preparation in high school, with standards and quality dropping in an effort to keep graduation rates up.

      It doesn’t surprise me, however that 38% of graduates aren’t using their degrees in their current profession. Goals can change while in college. And the job market is always changing. College isn’t a trade school that prepares you for one specific trade. Much of it is general education, a certain broadening and worldliness that will always be useful and can never be taken away.

      We’re doing the younger generations a huge disservice by not providing good solid, affordable educations.

    1. He’s funny but yes, makes some good points. At one point something he said reminded me of this cartoon:
      cancer cure cartoon
      I’m still trying to equate this to student loan forgiveness and my brain is struggling. I guess it’s because nobody is dying from student loan forgiveness.

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