Those White House portraits

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      1. It is, isn’t it, Jim ? – a person without humour is a blot on the landscape.
        I used to love seeing footage of Barack wandering about with a small entourage and greeting ordinary people: it gave me a thrill to see how deeply affected with a kind of overwhelming joy they were to speak to him.

  1. I’m impressed by the Obama portrait of him and as underwhelmed as she looks by the one of his First Lady. Generally impressed by the technical skills of photo realism, but who takes the photo? The painter or someone else, if it’s another photographer they deserve a credit.

    1. I read it was the painter who took the photos. Many, many photos trying to catch the light just right, the expression, and who knows what other details. Many painters take photos first to “freeze” the moment, since light continues to change, expressions change, bodies move. Similar problems with landscapes. They’re always in flux.

    1. Gabriel! So good to see you again.
      Yes, we were smart enough to put a great couple in the White House. These days I wonder if we’ll ever see days like that again.
      As for the portraits, in both cases I like those of Barack and am only lukewarm about those of Michelle. If I were making choices I’d take the White House portrait of Barack and the National Gallery portrait of Michelle.

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