bull elk v. car

A lot of bull

For those who’ve never seen a bull elk up close, THIS is why you don’t want to see a bull elk up close. It’s rutting season, so the bulls are extremely irritable and unpredictable. Even so, there are tourists in Estes Park, Colo., every year who want to get up close and personal for a selfie or to “pet the nice elk” or some such. Apparently they think if the animals are in town, they surely must be tame, like animals in a petting zoo. People like that also can’t, don’t, or won’t read, hear, or heed numerous warnings to stay away from the elk. People in cars, of course, can’t do much other than proceed with caution, as these did.

Look at the size of this bull. Look at those antlers. Isn’t he magnificent!!??

2 thoughts on “A lot of bull

    1. It’s rare for anyone to actually get hurt, but there are a few close calls reported every year. How stupid must you be to approach an animal like this?

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