The moon also rises

Hunter's Moon from TundraCam
From the TundraCam

Last night many of you probably saw the beautiful full Hunter’s Moon, so named because it signaled the time when hunters needed to start gathering stores for the approaching winter. Here in Colorado’s Front Range we had a clear sky and great views — once the moon got above some low clouds.

In the screenshot above from the TundraCam near Nederland, the moon has just cleared some clouds and adds its glow the that of Denver.

And here’s how it looked from the summit of Pikes Peak, shining above Colorado Springs.

Hunter's Moon from Pikes Peak summit
From the summit of Pikes Peak

Up in Rocky Mountain National Park, looking east from the Beaver Meadows entrance, the rising moon had to fight for attention as late visitors entered and left the park:

Hunter's Moon from Rocky Mountain National Park
From Rocky Mountain National Park, looking east from the Beaver Meadows entrance

(Incidentally, timed entry reservations for the park have now ended for the season — hurray! — and visitors can enter at any time. Admission fees still apply.)

From my house the moon looked as clear as a bell but much smaller than I’d hoped. I’m guessing the flare in these screenshots is the same sort of flare cameras get when trying to focus on the sun. Or it could be distortion caused by our ever present layer of pollution.

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