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Chief Twit takes over

Well, it’s official. Elon Musk has purchased and taken control of internet giant Twitter. He immediately fired the top executive and promises to let go some 75% of current employees. He also changed his Twitter handle to “Chief Twit.” How very appropriate.

I expect nothing good to come of this. His talk of more free and open access for all just means more trolls, more bots, more disinformation and rumors, more of everything already infesting and poisoning the internet. And he says he’ll let T**** back on the platform. Why? So the former insurrectionist-in-chief can foment another January 6?

I’m getting seriously tired of and concerned about very wealthy but emotionally immature “adults” having their way with our government, our laws, our economy, our democracy!

And can it be long before the Chief Twit decides he should also be president? After all, it’s happened before.

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