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Creating chaos

I’m afraid I may have created a lot of confusion for readers today. I decided to try setting up a static front page, which is something that can be done in WordPress. I wandered back and forth, up and down, reading instructions, creating pages then changing or deleting them. Whatever you see right now (Monday evening) is the point at which I gave up — not at all sure about what I spent the afternoon doing.

Some of you got email notifications when I accidentally clicked Publish instead of View. Maybe more than once. And if you came to see a new post … I don’t know what you saw. Chaos under construction, I suspect.

It may take a day or two to see what I’ve actually done aside from just messing up a professionally created theme. But meantime, I apologize for any confusion I created.

I really should learn how to create a mirror site to play with … you know, like a kid with a sandbox.

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