This is Trail Ridge Road

Because it deserves to be viewed in full, I’m posting Erik Stensland’s “Trail Ridge Fog” photograph here. I’ve employed it on the Pied Type home page, but many readers never see the (recently redesigned) home page.

Stensland is based in Estes Park, Colo., and has Rocky Mountain National Park at his doorstep. Luckily for me he is a great photographer and through his work I can and do visit the park as often as I like.

On his website, Stensland describes “Trail Ridge Fog”:

On a rainy September morning fog wafted in and out of the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park around Trail Ridge Road. While it made driving a little slower than usual the beauty of the scenery more than made up for it. This was a view from Many Parks Curve along Trail Ridge Road and in the top left corner you’ll notice a little section of the road.

Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

I love fog and Stensland’s fog photos are my favorites. You can enjoy more of his work on his website, Images of RMNP, his Facebook page, or his new Rocky Mountain National Park site. And if you are in Estes Park, be sure to visit his studio.

And yes, I obtained his permission some years ago to display his photos here.

8 thoughts on “This is Trail Ridge Road

  1. I too love fog, and it’s a rare occurrence here, although I was once at the visitor center on Trail Ridge Road, and the fog moved in from below. It was magical. Thanks for letting me know about this photographer.

    1. It is magical indeed! Take an otherwise ordinary scene, add fog, and wonders appear.
      Stensland’s my absolute favorite. You’ll enjoy exploring his work. A lot of photos appear on his Facebook page that, as near as I can tell, never get officially posted on his gallery site.
      “Forest in the Clouds” has long been my favorite.

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