MacGyver lives!

16 thoughts on “MacGyver lives!”

      1. I see .. Then that program didn’t make it to Sydney (which is where Chic and I were living in the ’80s). Funny, that: I could swear we had every other American TV program .. :\

  1. Ah yes, the ubiquity of drones! It has happened largely due to the development of battery technology, largely lithium-ion. The things have profoundly affected everything from warfare to movie-making.

    1. They’ve proven invaluable in many ways. But I still don’t like the small personal ones that individuals can buy and fly indiscriminately around neighborhoods.

    1. It probably should be standard in emergency kits for the mountains. Cell service up there can be real spotty, if available at all. Of course, I’d have to learn to fly the thing …

    1. Just wait. It won’t be long before this story becomes part of the marketing for drones. And outdoor gear stores like REI will start selling drones as a survival gear item.

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