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So, how’d you do?

Well, here we are, our first Monday after resetting all our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. How’d you do? Kids off to school on time? Get to the office on time? Did you even wake up on time?

Perhaps the bigger, more basic question is, did you get all your clocks properly reset?

Seems I didn’t do as well as I thought. I messed up on the coffee machine, so my coffee wasn’t ready yesterday when I got up. Groan! And last night I discovered that three lamps I have on timers needed to have their timers reset. There’s an outdoor thermometer thingy on the mantle that apparently needs to be manually reset and I’ll have to find the instructions again to do that. And I know the car clock still needs to be reset but I’m not yet ready to go out to a cold garage to do that.

Other than those hiccups, I think I’m doing okay. Mostly. The dog and I were both ready for dinner at the usual time last night, which meant we were an hour early by the clock so, with some annoyance, I waited another hour for that — with the dog giving me dirty looks the whole time.

And last night the tv schedule was crazy. The on-screen schedule didn’t seem to match what was actually on at that time. And it seemed like Oscar stuff was everywhere all at once. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) It was like the networks had messed up their time change. Or something. Whatever the reason, I was up a good hour later than I’d intended.

So was it DST or just one long senior moment? I’ll probably never know. Hell, I sometimes have to check the computer to find out what day it is. A mere hour here or there seems pretty irrelevant.

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