King Charles III and Queen Camilla wave to the crowds in London (WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Noted: The coronation of King Charles III of England occurred today. You probably know that. It’s been talked about at some length for the last week and it sounded as though that’s what would be televised all day today in the US. I didn’t stop to think about the time difference and the fact that it would all be over by the time I sat down with my coffee this morning.

What a relief! I had no intention of watching and had feared there might be little else on tv today. Longtime readers know I think the whole British royalty thing is a silly, expensive, anachronistic tradition. I also think it sad that individuals unfortunate enough to be born into the royal family have predetermined lives — unless, like Prince Harry, they are bold enough to make a break of some kind.

I had my fill of kings, queens, princesses, etc., back when I was a little girl. I watched the televised coronation of a “real live queen,” Elizabeth II, and still remember the pomp, the crowds, and that spectacular horse-drawn gold carriage. The stuff of fairy tales come to life. When I was a little girl.

These days I don’t understand why Brits continue to revere and financially support their royal family. But then, I’ve grown up in a nation that began by spurning the King of England.

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    1. I didn’t watch any of it. Just grabbed a photo. I recall the pomp when the queen died. It was like watching a giant movie in production, a movie set in the last century. Er, the century before that, actually.

  1. I am here to say positively that it was NOT your yawn that made me yawn – I have been yawning for the last however many months it’s been since the queen died. I mean, honestly ! It’s been so long since we’ve needed to have another (American) War of Independence down here – only kidding !, I don’t condone war under any circ.s, for I am a peaceable old fart – rather, a Republican movement into which everyone has put his or her oar, that I fear it will not be in my lifetime. Oh AAAAaaarghh !!

      1. I am very ‘left’, Susan, and have been for almost my whole adult life. But like most people who actually think about politics, I find all politicians exchangeable – worldwide, alas. Nevertheless, I vote red, never blue .. radical, never conservative. And the obscenity of the money spent on these ridiculous people’s firm belief in their own royalty, when their country is almost on its knees, makes me want to throw up.
        I’d like to know just how much money they are all hoarding – and still making ! – that just goes down from generation to generation, being kept out of the economy.

  2. Darn! Was working and missed it all! 😉

    There will be plenty of photos, so will see what formal stuff William, Kate George & Charlotte wore – meh to that female now called queen, not much higher opinion of kingie actually. (But i sure enjoyed watching Diana & Fergie’s weddings)

    Might have to query an AI program to see what it says about the event….

    1. The royal family didn’t deserve Diana, and Prince Harry and Meghan have my full support. I can’t even guess what ChatGPT would say about today’s events.

  3. If we as a species on this planet, with all we’ve learned about our biological selves and galactic surroundings, cannot get past the ancient dogma of hereditary monarchy, then we are doomed. Your mention of AI is very apt. I believe that will become our next absolute ruler.

    1. Why are we humans so willing, even eager, to be subservient? Propping up an ancient monarchy that does nothing for us or signing over our free will to a bunch of machines. Maybe not yet, but wisdom and restraint are certainly in order as we move forward. And I’m not betting we’ve enough of that.

  4. I find it interesting that a traditional pledge of allegiance to the regent was cancelled just before the ceremony, replaced by simply stating, “God save the king.” The wording of the pledge not only required allegiance to the king but to the support of the Church of England. I’m not surprised that religion was involved in this because the whole notion of a hereditary monarchy defies reason, save only that it is Briton’s number one tourist attraction.

    1. I would have expected such a pledge to be done away with decades ago. But maybe this is the first occasion for its use since Elizabeth II was crowned? The only reason this silliness is a tourist attraction is because it’s so odd, so anachronistic, and so pretentious. I’d be embarrassed and angry to have to support it.

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