Purple shirts

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  1. I don’t actually KNOW where you stand, but I do know it because we’re of one mind, nearly always, Colorado. Your sudden realization is like mine when reading Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy; and anyone who’s looking for a really sound analogy— no, wrong word: looking for an example of organized religion’s development ought read these genuine ‘science fiction’ novels.
    Meanwhile, I’m shopping for a purple shirt .. [grin]

    1. The link will take you to a carefully considered discussion of my views on religion. My realization was the shirt/religion analogy — new to me but probably not very original. Haven’t read any Asimov. Reading so much for work kind of killed it for me as a pleasant pastime. And you’ll look great in that purple shirt. Purple always looks great with white/gray/silver hair. Sadly, my salt-and-pepper hair is graying so slowly it may be gone before it gets gray.

      1. It’s very strange, but I’m having enormous problems with your site, Colorado ! 🙁 I’ve had to re-sign to get in, and now I cannot do so – am getting to your comment only. This I find VERY troubling: I do not want to become unable to reach Pied Type !!!

      2. Strange. I don’t think anyone else has reported being able to get to the comments but not to the posts. 🤔 Are you trying to log in from a phone? A computer? A tablet? WP will probably want to know if I put them on the case.

        Oh, when you had to relog to get in, were you on a different device than the one you signed in with originally?

      3. Nah: I use my phone only for calls and texts, and it’s my laptop that accesses the Internet. But now all is well, so whatever was your fix, it WORKED ! You are an impressive poisson, my dear !!! 😀

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