WordPress adds AI assistance

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  1. It is, Colorado, it is. And I wouldn’t change ’em for anything !
    Sometimes I think WordPress have lost their combined minds.
    And btw: I didn’t receive that choice piece of news: what’s wrong with ME, for heaven’s sake ?!

    1. It was in a WP newsletter to which you must subscribe. I’ll send you a copy.

      The trouble with WP is they have a large number of employees constantly coming up with “improvements” and “innovations” and “solutions.” And they expect individual bloggers to assimilate and employ all of it! Impossible. It’s too much, too fast, and very often completely unwanted, unnecessary, and disliked. I have to keep reminding myself that we WordPress.com users are mere lab rats for WordPress.org users. The idea being that the former are mere freeloaders while the latter are paying, professional, actual businesses or business types.

      1. I did it, once – got my blog up to .org standard and ran it. I think it was to prove to myself that I could. No idea how long that lasted. Now I don’t bother trying to prove anything to myself !! [grin]

  2. Oh man, I just peeked at my blog stats and saw that someone accessed using an AI tool named “paraphraser” dot “io”. Time to take the blog private methinks.

    1. Hmm. Don’t know what that is. Even after looking up “paraphraser.io,” I don’t really understand. But several search engines have already incorporated ChatGPT to improve/assist their search results. I imagine there’s no end to the entities that have adopted it — for whatever intent.

  3. Just started blogging again. Although I don’t use jetpack, I do have Chat GPT4. I tried it and somehow it was things didn’t come out the way I wanted. The English was too perfect and the use of vocabulary intimidatingly advanced and almost scientific. I did ask it to dumb it down a little, but even that wasn’t quite there. It just wasn’t hitting he tight note and was taking too many iterations to get something that wasn’t me. So I’m back into manual.

    As far as what my thoughts are. “Not all poets and are good writers, and not all good writers are poets” so it’s only a median of communication, and if I can get it to convey what I want I would use it, but it doesn’t (yet) and therefore I don’t. Also a value has risen for bad grammar and simple words, something I never thought would happen.

    1. And there’s another thought. What if it starts emulating all the bad grammar that is so prevalent today? How will it know what’s correct and what isn’t? In any case, I’ll keep doing my own writing. If the grammar is bad, so be it.

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