Found, not found

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      1. Of course you did, me old china plate ! I was unaware of him, happily for me – one of the things to be said for living in the other hemisphere. Now, alas !, our media write of little else.

      2. I shudder to think what the rest of the world must think of this. Maybe sometime in the future we’ll be able to regain the lost respect. I apologize for hogging your headlines.

  1. I had the same thoughts as you did and some more. The photos are absolutely shocking, and even more so when you realize that the bathroom shot shows boxes stacked almost to the ceiling in the shower (mostly covered by the curtain), and the spilled boxes in the storeroom may have been caused by someone who was in there rooting around. Then there is the office closet will numerous empty classified document folders. Then there are the boxes that were shipped to Bedminster. The documents in his private safe. The documents in a desk drawer WITH HIS PASSPORTS. Absolutely, there are documents that haven’t been recovered yet, and how will we ever know how many have been lost, bartered, gifted, or taken. It is my understanding that the document about war plans for an attack on Iran that were talked about on tape have not been accounted for yet…

    This man absolutely should never have been elected: I totally blame the Republican Party for letting him (or anyone) run for office without sufficient vetting. There is a glaring problem with our electoral process that does not weed out people who are absolutely unfit for office. He needs to go to prison for this, absolutely, and it is unthinkable that he could continue to run for president.

    1. It’s my understanding that he can run and be re-elected all while being tried, convicted, and thrown into prison. From there, if elected, he could pardon himself, get out of prison, and go back to the White House. There are no laws prohibiting that and no mention of it in the Constitution. Our system is SOOO F… ed up!

      Knowing what documents were found, it’s horrfying to think that similar docs could be anywhere, in anyone’s hands.

      Almost as horrifying to me is that so many, many people still support him and will vote for him.

      1. What is horrifying to me is how those people are being lied to and manipulated to keep corrupt people in power. I think that they don’t support him so much as revere him for legitimizing hate and intolerance; I really worry about where this is taking us. I taught middle school for a few years; those kids were in conflict with all authority figures and just consumed with self-importance and dismissive of learning. In my mind Trump appeals to people who have arrested at that stage of development.

      2. You may have already written about this, but my take on the Access Hollywood tape and then the deposition given in the E. Jean Carroll case was very striking in that Trump very clearly feels entitled to prey on anyone he can because he is a celebrity/powerful, which is kind of obvious, but less obvious is that he is going to feel compelled to push every boundary possible, bully with abandon, break all laws, distort reality and corruptly obtain money because it is essential to his self-identity and proves how powerful he is. I think that this is why he doubles down when something like a consequence happens.

      3. And why not? He keeps getting away with everything. And every time he gets away with something, he becomes even more convinced that he is powerful, entitled, untouchable. Getting away with stealing all those top secret files will make him a veritable god to his followers — as well as in his own mind.

        I hope I live long enough to see him trying to double down from a prison cell.

    1. I saw that this morning and was stunned. Obviously I’ve been giving him a lot more credit than he deserves. I hereby withdraw that tiny amount of credit. Apparently ethics and morals mean nothing when your political future is at stake. Party first, no matter what. It’s disgusting.

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