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  1. Apple. Pfuh ! Outrageously priced and impossible to actually repair: just get a new one. 😀
    Still, the O/S is less stuffed with code bloat; and that alone should be worth it.
    Frankly, I’d swap if I had the moolah. Happily I don’t !
    Enjoy, dahlink !

    1. I never planned to switch from Dell, but way back when my son offered me his old Mac, which was newer than what I had at the time, I took it. The 2012 Mac never needed a repair, and I was its third owner. It still works just fine (although slowly) and is sitting under this one at the moment.

  2. woo hoo! and I’m on my new mac, also, about a month in, and my first new one in years. I’m stumbling through but learning as I go. I do have a couple of guys near me who have a business ‘apples to oranges’ who fix my apple products as needed. genius business, especially in a university town. and no question is too stupid for them, so I appreciate that as well.

    1. Isn’t it great to have your own personal “Geek Squad”? I doubt I could manage this transition without my son, the IT expert, who lives close by. It makes all the difference.

    1. Way back around 2008 I had a big Alienware (branch of Dell) desktop. But when I inherited and tried an old Mac laptop, I was quickly hooked on being able to lounge on the couch, watch and game on a big-screen tv, and be near the kitchen. Far superior to a desktop isolated in a back room.

  3. I just hate these learning curves… I have a Windows tablet and I have to say that it is just awesome, but I have it because my employer only allowed PC computers and I had to live using that operating system and products for years. I’m getting ads for new versions of my computer, but I’m kind of hoping that this one lives forever, because… learning curve…

    1. That remains to be seen. After today I’m not feeling terribly optimistic. Very frustrating. But in another year or two I should have it whipped into shape.

  4. Though Apple is a terribly arrogant and aggressive company in terms of marketing practices, they make some very solid products. And though macOS is “upgraded” nearly every year, the look and feel to the user remains fairly constant. I think you’ll enjoy your new MacBook. The new processor is impressively powerful and fast.

    1. I was two operating systems behind this new Mac, and I’m struggling. But I’m committed now so will having to keep flailing away. At least the keyboard looks the same!

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