Thank you, Jack Smith

Thank you, Special Counsel Jack Smith, for all your hard work and, today, for your criminal indictment of Donald Trump for his attempts to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election.

Full text of the 45-page indictment

Now let’s finish the job!

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Jack Smith

  1. HOORAY !!! – hallelujah, brethren !!! Does my old heart good to watch tRump thus spoken of in an entirely official capacity.

  2. It utterly infuriates me when trump calls this particular indictment “election interference”. Does he not know the difference between a campaign and an actual election? Election interference IS WHAT HE DID!

    I’ve been waiting for this indictment. Refusing to accept election results is absolutely treasonous, and the GOP lining up behind the liar in chief is unbelievably disgusting. What’s it going to take to get the orange menace out of the picture?

    1. The man disgusted me long before he was elected, and absolutely horrified me on Jan. 6. Cheating. Lies. Conspiracy. Sedition. Treason. He belongs in prison. Anything less will make our legal system a joke.

      1. The fact that he remains a viable presidential candidate is horrifying and an indictment of our entire electoral system.

      2. It certainly is. Sadly, there’s nothing in the Constitution saying criminals can’t run for office. Apparently it never occurred to the framers that there would be such widespread disrespect for democracy, the law, and the presidency. In my nightmares I see him being elected, even if in prison, and immediately pardoning himself. Or appealing his convictions to his hand-picked Supreme Court and having all convictions set aside or invalidated in some way. Or a devoted Republican follower being elected and immediately pardoning him.

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