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Down the rabbit hole

If you’ve been visiting Pied Type for a few years, you already know that I’m a great fan of maps. All kinds of maps for all kinds of reasons. Maybe I’m just a very visual person. Or something.

Anyway, I flipped on the tv a few hours ago and caught a soccer match from England. For some reason that prompted me to check the current temperature in London. 72°F, as it turned out, versus 90°F here in Denver. And that made me wonder what London’s latitude is compared to Denver’s. And that took me to a fascinating site called and its maps overlaying European cities on North America, and vice versa, according to the cities’ latitudes. It seems Denver is more equivalent to southern Italy than to England.

I’m afraid maybe I didn’t explain that very well, so here ya go:

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Better, just visit the site for yourself and enjoy the full-sized map. Some interesting notes are included, along with a similar map of cities in the Southern Hemisphere.

And all I did was turn on the tv.

4 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

    1. Guilty as charged. But it’s wonderful to be able to find the answer to whatever idle question pops into my head. This time it was “what’s the temperature in London” and I was off and running. As a kid, all I could have consulted was a volume of our World Book Encyclopedia. And it wouldn’t have told me the temperature in London at that moment.

  1. I’m not surprised that it was cooler in London than Denver. The Gulf Stream current sweeps north, getting cold, and then down past Europe. Ocean currents are critical to land weather. With climate change we are likely to see huge changes if the currents change and I have a feeling they can be unstable. California is in for some of that today, no?

    1. It was enough to see that London is so much farther north than Denver. But yes, those Atlantic currents are changing and slowing, and meteorologists are quite concerned. I’m keeping a close eye on SoCal, with my grandson being stationed at Pendleton. At the very least they are going to get very wet.

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