It’s a start

13 thoughts on “It’s a start”

  1. I’m sure he spent a couple hours with staff poring over lots of pics of himself and then looking in the mirror practicing expressions. This one has been used before on those intimidating memes and ads portraying what a strongman he is. He knew his cult members would love this defiant, angry look.

      1. I was going to suggest the Fulton County Jail watermark should have been put on his face somewhere, but immediately realized any skilled PhotoShop user could remove it. What a shame.

  2. Let’s hope there is an end that includes several felony convictions and the inability of him to ever run again. Perhaps the sentence can include prison and a gag order!

    Our mutual blogging buddy, MR, steered me toward your blog for a few reasons: Cats, my brother lives in Colorado, and it appears we all have a sense of political and ethical decency.

    1. Hi there, and welcome to my humble abode. If MR referred you, you must be good people just like her. And an Aussie, too? I’ll find out as soon as I visit your place.

      Yes, the person in question, above, deserves nothing more than a measly cell in the nearest prison — with absolutely no way to buy or pardon his way out. Pardon himself!? The very thought that any convict could pardon himself and get out of prison is ridiculous. And slightly terrifying. But hope springs …

    1. Just came from your place and noted you are in Wisconsin. Delighted to see you had a good time here. But then, who wouldn’t? Especially with a brother here to hang with.

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