Great foliage map


This map was discussed in a Washington Post story several days ago, but the rapidly changing image included with the article was incomprehensible. A link was included, but how many people stop reading in mid-story to click a link? Or remember to go back and check the links? (I have to keep reminding myself about this when I write. Feel free to call me out if I screw up.) I was one of many readers who overlooked the link and thought the rapidly changing image was supposed to be intelligible.

The screenshot above, from the Smoky Mountains website, is for Oct. 16, but the scale runs in one-week increments starting September 4 and ending November 20. I wouldn’t venture to guess how accurate it is, given the vagaries of weather this year. Or any year. But it’s fun and interesting to play with.

Can it really be fall already?

4 thoughts on “Great foliage map

  1. I can confirm that it really is Spring down here, because I have lots and lots of various yarns ready for making sweaters. 😐

  2. No sign of fall yet, here in SW Missouri. The high temps lately are still in upper 80’s and 90’s, but I’m looking forward to some cooler weather for sure! I don’t need a foliage map: my weather rock is suspended from a pin oak right outside the house. It will be impossible to miss!

    1. I’ve not seen any signs here in Thornton, either. But according to the map, there may be some early signs beginning in the high country up north closer to Wyoming. Certainly the elk know; they’ve started getting ready for some serious business aka the fall rut.

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