Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced yesterday to 22 years in prison for seditious conspiracy. Even though he wasn’t present at the US Capitol on January 6, he was convicted of organizing the Proud Boys activity that day in an effort to stop the peaceful transition of power. One of his lieutenants, Ethan Nordean, was sentenced last week to 18 years, as was Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes.

Seems only right that the person who first suggested, urged, and continues to support these activities should be similarly convicted and sentenced …

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  1. …did you know the ‘Proud Boys’ was created by Gavin McInnes, a Canadian? He officially left the group in 2018 after the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the Proud Boys as a “general hate” group, and the FBI “reportedly classified the Proud Boys as an extremist group with ties to white nationalists”. Soon after he left the organization, the Canadian and New Zealand Governments designated the Proud Boys as a “terrorist organization”.

    1. I didn’t know all that. Damn shame he wasn’t at the Capitol on Jan. 6. so he could get caught and convicted too. (Or maybe he was there and didn’t get caught?)

      Anyway, I promise I won’t hold against you the fact that he’s a Canadian. 😉

    1. I’m sure that’s what a lot of them thought: “Hot damn, let’s go tear up the Capitol. There’s so many of us, no one will be able to stop us.” And afterwards, they all probably thought they’d gotten away with it.

    1. Exactly what I said. The jury’s still out, not even empaneled yet, but I have my fingers crossed. Four different cases, four different courts and juries. May they all reach the same conclusion and rid us forever of that thing that’s destroying us.

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