Salazar removes protection for gray wolves

Funny the things you don’t see in the national news. There was a big hurrah about Pres. Obama putting a hold on George Bush’s last minute “midnight regulations,” which included […]

Judge ensures a safer autumn for gray wolves

  I’m sending out a big hug and kiss to U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy in Missoula, Montana. Friday he granted a preliminary injunction restoring endangered-species protection to gray wolves […]

Is this a gray wolf?

If this is a gray wolf, it would be the first one seen in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon since the 1940s. And it would have to have wandered […]


NatGeo revisits Yellowstone wolves

Those interested in gray wolves in the western U.S. will enjoy a new program on National Geographic’s Wild channel. The Expedition Wild episode “Inside the Wolf Pack” offers a look […]

Great news for wolves

I just received an email from Defenders of Wildlife, although I am not a member. It states, in part: As a result of a lawsuit brought in federal court by […]

Killing them because they’re there

It’s not enough that Idaho and Montana seem hellbent on killing all the wolves within their borders before a lawsuit (now in progress) can get them back on the endangered […]

Idaho killing wolves from choppers

Sounds like the hunters out west are determined to eradicate all the wolves, by any means available, before they can be relisted as endangered. A Defenders of Wildlife mailing today […]

Yellowstone’s Cottonwood pack is gone

The last time I wrote about the gray wolves, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had upheld the Bush decree removing them from the endangered species list. He spared only those in […]