I’m a fracking NIMBY

I’ve been fuming for several years about the massive increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma, where I grew up. The USGS has tied the quakes directly to fracking’s disposal wells. My […]

Just say no to fracking

More by osmosis than intent, I’ve developed a very negative attitude toward fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, the practice of injecting fluid under pressure to fracture subsurface rock layers and release natural […]

Thornton, Colorado, homeowners lose election

This is a postscript to “The one about nonpartisan elections.” Yes, the election was nonpartisan, in that political affiliations were not mentioned. But the oil and gas employee, a Republican, […]

The one about nonpartisan elections

When I first started voting, back in the Dark Ages, I tended to vote straight tickets. It seemed the easiest way to vote for many candidates, some of whom I […]

What price oil?

Updated March 23, 1:30 pm If you were planning a move to Colorado, is this what you’d want to see? Would you buy a home where this picture was taken? […]

The morning after the night before

I’d hoped for at least a few quiet days before the 2020 campaign began, but there were rumblings even before all the ballots were counted last night. Nevertheless, I’m breathing […]

Good riddance, Scott Pruitt

I couldn’t help smiling this evening when I came across this fortuitous placement of elements on a news site. Best of NBC news indeed. Best for any network … except […]

From whistle pigs to toad-stranglers

Several days ago Slate ran an article titled “The United Slang of America.” In it the author presents a variety of words that are more or less exclusive to certain […]