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Susan Richards is a retired editor who will tell you old editors never die, they just revert to type.

  • For the record…

    Yes, there’s a definite anti-Bush bias in this blog. It might shed some light to know I was a lifelong registered Republican until Dubya came along. He was the last straw in my growing disenchantment with the Republican Party. I’m… Read More ›

  • Bush’s ‘temp’ could stay 6 years

    I should have known it was too good to be true. That twinge of optimism I felt after President Bush’s speech yesterday was dashed within an hour. It seems his idea of “temporary” (as in “temporary worker”) is up to… Read More ›

  • Hallelujah, Mr. Bush

    President George Bush just completed a speech on immigration, and he finally managed to say something convincing and worthwhile. In fact, he said a lot of things convincingly: he’ll stop illegal immigration; build physical barriers where needed; implement rapid deportation… Read More ›

  • Scrooge wears a GM hat

    Hard on the heels of its holiday price cuts, General Motors today announced plans to close some of its plants, laying off thousands of workers at the end of the year. It’s a mystery to me why companies choose to… Read More ›

  • Bush reminiscent of The Fonz

    President Bush’s efforts to explain himself remind me of an old “Happy Days” episode where The Fonz was trying to apologize and admit he was wrong. He kept saying, “I was w…. I was w…, w…,” and never did manage… Read More ›

  • Torture by any name…

    abu ghraib

    PBS’s Frontline documentary “The Torture Question” last night explored at length the U.S. policy on the abuse and torture of prisoners. No amount of euphemism (e.g: “coercive interrogation,” “enemy combatant,” “detainee”) or protestation by our government officials can convince me… Read More ›

  • Bush feeling the heat

    President Bush yesterday accused critics of the Iraq war of trying to “rewrite history.” Oh puh-LEEZ! Mr. Bush is overstating a bit, and this time he’s sounding more than a little defensive. Perhaps we should cut him some slack and… Read More ›

  • Democrats close Senate

    Democrats today invoked Rule 21 to close the U.S. Senate. What a brilliant move! I’ll not even try to hide my glee. I’ve thought since before we went into Iraq that the Administration was, if not outright lying, at least… Read More ›

  • Wilma’s ‘victims’?

    At the risk of seeming callous, or worse, I have to wonder if Hurricane Wilma’s “victims” in Florida aren’t in large part responsible for their current plight. Those people had several days’ warning that Wilma was coming. Why on earth… Read More ›

  • We can leave now

    Okay, we’ve invaded Iraq, captured Saddam Hussein, determined the nonexistence of WMDs, and overseen the writing and subsequent public approval of a new constitution. Now we simply declare victory and leave.

  • Katrina chaos: Not Bush’s fault

    Well, not exactly. Not if you go with that contorted reasoning that says something about Kyoto and global warming, etc. But when you read what Molly Ivins wrote in her column, released Thursday, you will perhaps reconsider whether Bush and his… Read More ›

  • New Orleans souper bowl

    The TV networks reporting on Hurricane Katrina keep describing the geography of New Orleans as a bowl. Souper bowl would be more accurate, as in: a super-sized bowl of contaminated soup.