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Susan Richards is a retired editor living in Thornton, Colorado.

  • You’ll really sound precocious

    Still scowling into my coffee this morning, I flipped open the laptop to read my email. And there was that word, leaping from the screen: supercalifragilisticexpiali-fuck-it Big. Bright blue. A live link. I almost spewed coffee all over the keyboard…. Read More ›

  • Here we go again

    President Obama said today Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, must go. Al-Assad is killing his own citizens. He’s violating human rights. There’s a humanitarian crisis in progress. Yes, and as a matter of fact,  it’s been going on for months. And… Read More ›

  • Dominionism and the presidency

    Dominionism. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until today, when CNN’s Jack Cafferty did a piece on it. His question was, “How much does it worry you if both Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry have ties to Dominionism?” I didn’t… Read More ›

  • Does the governor know cursive?

    In January in a post titled “Cursive on its way out?” I wrote, “I cringe to think to think of a supposedly ‘educated’ person printing his signature to endorse a check or sign a legal document.” So you can imagine… Read More ›

  • Countin’ cattle

    Yep, it’s unmistakable. GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, governor of Texas, bears an uncanny resemblance to former President George W. Bush, a former Texas governor. It may not be immediately apparently in still shots, but the minute you see Perry… Read More ›

  • The Ames Games: Bachmann eats corn dog

    First it was the Newsweek cover pic of GOP presidential wannabe Michele Bachmann, “The Queen of Rage.” It was unflattering, to say the least, and widely believed to have been chosen by Editor Tina Brown for precisely that reason. But… Read More ›

  • IZ

      Sometimes the depth of my obliviousness hits me like a kick in the gut. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ve enjoyed this sunny little rendition of “Over the Rainbow” without hearing about the man behind it until… Read More ›

  • ‘First do no harm’ is not in the Hippocratic Oath

      (I first wrote and published this article in 1997 on my now defunct Everwild website.) It is a widely held misconception that the familiar dictum “First, do no harm” comes from the Hippocratic Oath, an oath many physicians take… Read More ›