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Susan Richards is a retired editor who will tell you old editors never die, they just revert to type.

  • The other guys

    It has been brought to my attention that I failed to include the Libertarian candidate in my election poll. Point taken. I decided to look up his or her name. Turns out there are lots of minor parties and candidates…. Read More ›

  • I wish we could vote today

    I wish we could vote today and end the political bloodletting that is dividing this nation more bitterly than ever.

  • Kerry hits a homer

    Kerry was the clear winner in tonight’s presidential debate. One more strike and Bush is out. Kerry came on strong, like a shark who smelled blood in the water. Bush looked like a deer in the headlights. He sounded defensive… Read More ›

  • Coalition troop numbers

    PWHCE – Coalition of the Willing List, Map and Troop Numbers Regardless of your political leanings, you may wonder just which nations comprise the “Coalition of the Willing” in Iraq. The link above has a great breakdown of the numbers…. Read More ›

  • Edwards vs. Cheney: No clear winner

    Edwards looked like a cocky kid in some of the cut-aways. And he didn’t always answer the questions put to him. He spoke about Kerry when he was asked about himself and his experience, or lack of it. Cheney. The… Read More ›

  • X Prize claimed

    Cheers to SpaceShipOne for successfully completing its second flight into space this morning and claiming the X Prize of $10 milllion!

  • Go to the source for medical information

    I’m a firm believer in going straight to the source for health and medical information, rather than take as gospel what news organizations say. Reporters necessarily try to “dumb down” and summarize news from the medical and scientific communities so… Read More ›

  • So you think you know publishing

    Speaking Of Which…: Just My Type: A Personal Journey through the Annals of Desktop Publishing Fascinating, informative post I just stumbled across. Maybe something only an “old-timer” like me can really appreciate.

  • Kerry won tonight

    The presidential debate tonight was just about as interesting… and entertaining… as I thought it would be. Kerry did better than I expected. He finally managed to sound as intelligent, and intelligible, as he probably really is. Too bad for… Read More ›

  • Flip-flop or not

    Is John Kerry’s “flip-flopping” really that? Or is he a thoughtful, open-minded person willing to reconsider and refine his beliefs as new information comes to light? Is George Bush really staunch, steadfast, determined? Or is he just plain stubborn and… Read More ›

  • Java jolt

    Don’t you hate it when your morning routine gets abruptly, unexpectedly disrupted? It’s your way of slipping into the day as easily as possible, without having to think too hard about what you are doing until your mind reaches its… Read More ›

  • Food for political thought

    Law, Government, and Politics An interesting, thought-provoking site for this very political season. At the end of it, I had no idea how to classify myself. Too bad. It might have simplified my decision on Election Day.