Zakaria is right about the debt ceiling

This morning on his “Global Public Square” program, Fareed Zakaria zeroed in on the debt ceiling debate. And he nailed it. If only Washington would listen to him! You can […]

Not over ’til the fat lady sings

Write to Congress about the debt ceiling debacle. It’s easy at Sign up with your name and address. Compose a letter, and with one click send it to the […]

A reminder about online privacy

I just saw a CNN report on Internet privacy and how so many entities track your every move for fun and profit. Far too many Internet users never give any […]

Marriage: yours, mine, and theirs

On CNN’s “State of the Union” this morning, Candy Crowley pressed GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty on the issue of same-sex marriage. She was polite and respectful, but insistent. The […]

This is what’s wrong with Washington

From a Time Magazine interview with former GOP Senator Alan Simpson: Would you run for office now? Oh, hell, no. Now it’s just sharp elbows, and instead of having a […]