2020 retrospectives? No thanks

Goodbye and good riddance. Those are my feelings about the end of 2020. All those interesting year-end retrospectives I used to enjoy? Not this year. Who wants to dwell on […]

Better than a fruitcake

After all these months, we’re getting a whopping $600 per person from Congress in stimulus (Covid relief) money. Sure, it will help for Christmas, but in the Denver metro that’s […]

Holly is not mistletoe

I first published the article below back in 2012, but having just watched “The Masked Singer,” I feel compelled to reprint it. On the show Robin Thicke was given a […]

All I want for Christmas …

Yes, I actually chuckled at the originality of this cartoon. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am mad as hell at Congress for putting politics above a months-ovedue […]

It’s so much more than a mere tattoo

This Super Dad spent 30 hours getting a tattoo to match his son’s birthmark so his son would no longer be self-conscious. Now they have something to share for life. […]