Flip-flop or not

Is John Kerry’s “flip-flopping” really that? Or is he a thoughtful, open-minded person willing to reconsider and refine his beliefs as new information comes to light? Is George Bush really […]

Java jolt

Don’t you hate it when your morning routine gets abruptly, unexpectedly disrupted? It’s your way of slipping into the day as easily as possible, without having to think too hard […]

Food for political thought

Law, Government, and Politics An interesting, thought-provoking site for this very political season. At the end of it, I had no idea how to classify myself. Too bad. It might […]

Rather embarrassing

It’s sad, really, to see someone of Dan Rather’s stature lose his journalistic judgment in the twilight of his career. He and Mary Mapes should resign from CBS, if they […]

It’s not easy being Blue…

… in a bedrock Red state like Oklahoma. Especially when you’ve grown up here and spent most of your life here. The most socially acceptable stance is conservative, fundamentalist, and […]

I’m a gamer, you’re a gamer

Project Massive A fascinating study of online gamers. Who are they? How old are they? Do only boys play? All the stuff I’ve wondered about for years, knowing full well […]

God is a Democrat

God is a Democrat. That’s the only logical explanation for all the hurricanes hitting Florida this month.

I remember, Daddy

I remember so many little things you did for me when I was young. So very young, in some cases, that I really don’t know how old I was at […]

Barack Obama

A star is born. USATODAY.com – Barack Obama’s remarks at the Democratic convention