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Susan Richards is a retired editor living in Thornton, Colorado.

  • Crescent City Chaos

    The breached New Orleans levees were built to withstand only a category 3 hurricane, according to Lt. Gen. Bob Flowers, former commander of the Corp of Engineers, in an interview Wednesday with Bill O’Reilly. On the same program, Stephen Leatherman,… Read More ›

  • Katrina: Reaping the whirlwind?

    I’ve watched with awe and horror the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, and I haven’t words to describe it. It is simply beyond my comprehension. Yet sadly, as I contemplate how the South will recover from this disaster, in some… Read More ›

  • Robertson says take him out

    Pat Robertson, the conservative every liberal loves to hate, is at it again. Shovel firmly in hand, he continues to deepen that hole he lives in. This time he is advocating the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Such a… Read More ›

  • Gaza: Overdue exodus

    The Israeli settlers in Gaza are leaving today, under orders from the Israeli government, and those who don’t leave voluntarily will be forcibly removed. Temporary military occupation for security reasons is one thing; permanent civilian settlement (read “land grab”) is… Read More ›

  • Danica and the French

    Danica Patrick finished fourth (I think) in the Indy 500 yesterday. She ran many laps in the lead, the first woman ever to do so. You go, girl! I thoroughly enjoyed her success, and I’m not even a race fan…. Read More ›

  • Colin Powell resigns

    I really like and respect Colin Powell. I never understood why he was appointed Secretary of State rather than Secretary of Defense, but I suppose that doesn’t matter now. It will be interesting to see what he does next. I… Read More ›

  • Why I’m voting for Kerry

    I’m voting for John Kerry. Why? I’ll try to keep it simple. I have several issues that usually decide elections for me: the environment and women’s rights (pro-choice, not pro-abortion). For me those issues have never been negotiable. I almost… Read More ›

  • The other guys

    It has been brought to my attention that I failed to include the Libertarian candidate in my election poll. Point taken. I decided to look up his or her name. Turns out there are lots of minor parties and candidates…. Read More ›