I voted today

As I sat here yesterday marking my mail-in ballot, I watched the long, long lines in Texas on their first day of early voting. All I can say is thank […]

Yes indeed, your president plays the accordion

In the not-too-distant past, I read a comment about Trump “playing the accordion” — a reference to his characteristic gesture of spreading his hands apart, then bringing them together, then […]

New England Journal of Medicine gets political

Editors at The New England Journal of Medicine have come together in an editorial condemning the Trump administration’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Titled “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum,” the […]

The immor(t)al Donald Trump

Yesterday, shortly after releasing a video in which he declared, “I get it,” Pres. Donald Trump left his Walter Reed hospital room and commandeered his personal vehicle to drive past […]

It’s about the light

Seeking an escape from unrelentingly awful news, I visited Erik Stensland’s “Images of RMNP.” And as usual I was met with dozens of beautiful shots of Rocky Mountain National Park, […]

The WordPress apple cart

WordPress really upset the apple cart a few nights ago by converting all users to their new “block editor.” Readers who don’t blog on WP won’t understand or care what […]

Trump tests positive for Covid-19

Well, well, it seems the chickens have finally come home to roost. Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus. And they have begun their “quarantine and recovery process” […]

Debate solution: Zoom

Covid-safe, socially distanced, from the comfort of one’s home. No mask required. That’s Zoom. That’s the solution for the next presidential debate. If either candidate gets out of line, goes […]

Re Tuesday’s presidential ‘debate’

Good lord what a horror show. I suggest the rest of the debates be canceled. There’s absolutely no point in continuing unless Trump can be silenced. In lieu of cancellation, […]