Rock ’n’ roll forever!

It’s difficult to imagine anyone has not seen this video. It’s been everywhere the last few days, even local Denver news broadcasts. Still, I wanted to preserve and share it. I’ve found no information about who this man is or… Read More ›

Fighting phone fraud

  It’s a huge, multifaceted problem — the bilking of senior citizens. And making seniors aware is only part of the solution. Of course they, we, I need to be aware of and on guard against all the schemes. But articles… Read More ›

Generations: Yours, mine, and theirs

Today, on her blog Time Goes By, Ronni Bennett talks about how the media address different generations differently. Specifically, she refers to New York Times articles about Boomers being “upbeat, optimistic and cheerful,” while the only articles for those older than Boomers… Read More ›

The dying of the light

Dylan Thomas wrote, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” He was talking about death and dying. Having just visited my ophthalmologist, I suddenly see a different meaning in Thomas’s words. No pun intended. Bad things are starting to… Read More ›