A cat tale

You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. But I have reasons, or excuses, depending on how you feel about cats. Mousse, my beloved kitty for 16 years, died in early April. And as you might imagine, I… Read More ›

George Carlin on abortion

Given the recent surge of extremism re Roe v. Wade, now seems a good time to reprint these insightful words from comedian George Carlin, first published here April 26, 2012. For those who prefer to hear it straight from the… Read More ›

I am from … a while ago

Several recent conversations brought to mind this item I first published in 2009. I probably should have mentioned in the first few paragraphs that all this took place in Oklahoma City between the late ’40s and the end of the… Read More ›

Joe Biden and the #MeToo conundrum

The #MeToo movement has raised a lot of perplexing issues, demonstrated most recently by Lucy Flores, a former member of the Nevada Legislature and 2014 candidate for lieutenant governor and U.S. Congress. Last Friday Flores accused former Vice President Joe… Read More ›


It’s outrageous no matter how you look at it. Wealthy parents buying, lying, bribing, cheating, etc. to get their kids into prestigious colleges. Or maybe into any college at all. It’s an outrage that kids who worked and studied hard… Read More ›