People-watching at the DMV

People-watching. It can be an interesting pastime. Especially if you’re stuck killing time waiting for something you absolutely have to have. Say, a new driver’s license. I arrived early, at an hour when I normally would be just crawling out… Read More ›

Justice for Buddy

These days Americans are angry about laws that don’t work, laws that aren’t enforced, and laws that get blocked or never even passed. But I’m happy to report a particularly ugly case in Colorado where the law worked. On December… Read More ›

A doggone shame

Whatever ideas I had about taking my dog, Annie, with me to the mountains for hikes, drives, and the general killing of time have pretty much bitten the dust. I took her with me up to Boulder the other day… Read More ›

The Sherrod debacle

The Shirley Sherrod case is a tragic example of how nasty our nation’s politics have become. A woman loses her job because some commentator wants to make a point about racism and does so with a piece of very selectively… Read More ›

Summer news snooze

The Mosque at Ground Zero The “mosque at Ground Zero” isn’t. It isn’t a mosque and it isn’t at Ground Zero. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Whether it’s a mosque or a Muslim cultural center or whatever, a… Read More ›

This tub’s a flub

I just saw an ad for one of those walk-in bathtubs. My sister once mentioned she’d like to have one. Really? The more I thought about it, the more I was repulsed by the whole idea. Granted, if you have… Read More ›