Et tu, Al?

For weeks I’ve watched with mixed feelings as more and more women speak out about sexual harassment from notable men in entertainment, broadcasting, and politics. I celebrate their bravery in being willing to speak up, and I despair that so… Read More ›

Is this harassment?

This video was intended to demonstrate the harassment a woman endures while walking in Manhattan. In this example, a woman walked around Manhattan for 10 hours, following a friend who was carrying the camera in his backpack. As planned, she spoke to no one… Read More ›

Conflagration Scotus

  This post originated on Brain Spank as “Conflagration Scotus” by Michael Douglass. It expresses my outrage at the Supreme Court better than I’ve managed to do so far. Interestingly, both Douglass and I used the word “conflagration” in our posts today when writing… Read More ›